Radio Hanna is an Internet-based, community broadcasting project being spearheaded by local residents Sean and Jennifer McCormick. It is intended to help give those living in the town of Hanna, Alberta (and the surrounding area) a voice to share their news, views, and interests online, doing so as inexpensively as possible. Our motto, “worth a listen”, is a nod to the Town of Hanna’s motto, “worth the drive.”

What is our Primary Goal?

To differentiate the schools in Hanna, Alberta, from schools elsewhere, and make our community an attractive place for families looking to bring their children to for a technologically advanced education that imparts superior communication skills. There is no reason why Hanna cannot be a premier education destination. We wish to reverse the declining enrolment numbers in our rural school.

What Are Our Immediate Goals?

  1. To establish the underpinnings of a student broadcasting program in our local schools, J.C. Charyk Hanna School (grades five through twelve) and also, where feasible, at Hanna Primary School (grades one through four).
  2. To have students sharing school news, school sports/events, and community events both synchronously (live audio/video streams) and asynchronously (pre-recorded podcasts or recorded and archived livecasts) using free or inexpensive publishing services such as and
  3. To provide students with enhanced Digital Literacy, Public Communication Skills, and Digital Media Authoring Skills through their participation in the Radio Hanna project.
  4. To educate students about Copyright, Fair Dealing, Intellectual Property and Digital Rights Issues by having them learn about the laws governing and licensing process required to legally broadcast pre-recorded media and music as part of the Radio Hanna project.
  5. To educate citizens of Hanna, Alberta, and the surrounding communities about Internet broadcasting so as to develop an audience for our students to broadcast to.
  6. To honour the legacy of John Constantine Charyk, former Hanna resident, famous author, local broadcaster, and former principal of J.C. Charyk Hanna school, which was renamed in his honour. An inspirational educator, Mr. Charyk immeasurably strengthened our community through his penchant for sharing stories, both written and spoken. We hope to bring that part of Hanna’s past back to life in the present by helping a new generation of students once again share the stories that shape their lives through a new medium, in the same spirit Mr. Charyk did.

What Are Our Long Term Goals?

  1. To eventually run a legally licenced and fully automated non-commercial online student radio station out of our local school, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with all programming either created by or curated by students and community members.
  2. While the program is mostly audio (radio) to start with, we will have a strong video focus as well, building a strong Youtube presence for our school. This is a longer term goal due to the expense and logistics involved.
  3. To extend this program to other schools within Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25, insofar as is possible within the limitations of our area’s high-speed infrastructure.
  4. To spread this program beyond school/students and involve as many community members and events as possible. We would like for nothing less than for Hanna to become the podcasting capital of North America.
  5. To turn our students into teachers when it comes to empowering the community to go online and share their stories.
  6. To become self-supporting through local advertising sales, not only raising enough to fund licenses, content (music and radio imaging subscriptions), and equipment, but also at least a half-time teaching position to oversee the program. There is a lot of advertising money that leaves our community that could be spent inside to build up our school(s) instead.
  7. To train at least four other people (two on school staff and two community members) to a high enough level to continue the program in the event the program founders (Sean & Jennifer) are no longer able to continue with it.

All Aboard!

Radio Hanna is part of the All Aboard initiative here in town. We are just one of the ‘clusters’ moving forward with our own volunteer project in support of our town. To anyone else who has had the thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if Hanna…” — just get out there and do it!