So long and thanks for all the fish

The original intent had been to run Radio Hanna out until the end of the year and switch to the Squirrel FM format on Jan 1, 2019. A particularly violent set of electrical storms mid-July changed that. Power surges not only fried our automation system, but also the surge suppressor and battery backup that was protecting it.

We’ve got the new hardware up and running for the automation, but, it’s so much work to get a new automation system tuned in that it just made more sense to begin the transition early rather than having to re-do everything starting in December, what with the holidays approaching. This online radio station has always been a spare-time endeavor on the part of the McCormicks. No time like the present, right?

Our new musical format is decidedly recent, with just a sprinkling of retro here and there. There are lots of Top 40 pop, house, and club tunes. You’ll also find some dubstep, trance, and rock thrown in here and then. While our previous format tried to be squeaky clean as it was a school/community project, Squirrel FM has morphed into a personal/hobbyist enterprise. You’re going to hear some salty language in our rotation now and we’re not exactly concerned with political correctness. Those with tender ears are advised to head for the exits.

Squirrel FM is no longer specific to Hanna, Alberta. We will become increasingly specific to Barrhead, Alberta in the coming year as the McCormicks are both in the process of relocating there. We’ll be inviting community organizations in Barrhead to start advertising for free on The Squirrel in early 2019, so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Things are still a mess. We’re currently fine-tuning and properly tagging and hooking every individual song in our database. The music had been mass imported into the previous setup and it caused all kinds of headaches. We’re avoiding all previously known problems this time around. Expect the music rotations to get better over the next month and for sweepers and jingles to start appearing in the new future.

We’re leaving the site in place for the next two years, but there will be no further updates to it. As well, all Radio Hanna shows and podcasts will remain archived online and searchable well into the future. The McCormicks would like to thank PLRD No. 25 for their support of Radio Hanna, all of our community and student volunteers, and all of our listeners over the past three years. We’re sad to be leaving Hanna behind and moving elsewhere, but, c’est la vie. Those looking to follow the station in its new format can do so at Cheers to all.

“So long and thanks for all the fish.” ~ Douglas Adams

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