Radio Hanna is a project created for, and is under the direction of Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25 (PLRD25), the school division that Hanna is part of. This project was designed to provide enhanced learning opportunities at our schools here in Hanna, and to also connect our schools with their surrounding communities.

The program’s co-founders — Sean and Jennifer McCormick — can make decisions within limited parameters that are defined by PLRD25’s Administrative Procedures. Their decisions are regularly reported upstream to the principal, Audra Limpert, of J.C. Charyk School here in Hanna. Superintendent of Schools, Cam McKeage, and Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Steven Nielsen, oversee the program from Central Office. Final authority rests with the Board of Trustees for PLRD25. In the event the Superintendent or the Deputy Superintendent can’t make a decision or require guidance for a decision, that guidance is provided by this division’s elected school trustees.

While Radio Hanna is a project of PLRD25, input and involvement from parents and community members is welcomed and encouraged. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and/or feedback with Sean, Jennifer, the principal in your child’s school, with administration in Central Office here in Hanna, or with your school trustee.