Radio Hanna is an Internet-only online radio station – we cannot be found on an FM dial on your terrestrial radio. The majority of our target audience, those living within Special Areas, Starland County, and the M.D. of Stettler, have high-speed Internet and devices capable of accessing our audio stream. Further to this, Net broadcasting is cheap, close to to CD quality (in our case), and free of geographic boundaries.  We feel that being an online radio station is a plus, not a minus. That being said, not everyone knows how to listen to online radio yet as it is still “new” to many. Here are the easiest ways to listen to us:

On your desktop or laptop computer

We can be accessed directly through the Web browser on your personal computer so long as it has a high-speed connection (dial-up won’t suffice). If your computer is newer than five years old, you shouldn’t have a problem listening to us. Here are the three main ways…

1. Using the embedded player at radiohanna.ca:

2. Using tunein.com Web site:

3. Using our Live Page at myradiostream.com:

On your smartphone

Most people have a 4G or LTE connection on their phone so your cellular data service is likely fast enough to listen to Radio Hanna. We do ask that you please be aware that streaming a lot of Internet radio can really run up your data plan. Our 128kbps stream uses 56.25Mb of data per hour. If you have a 1gb data plan, you will use up your entire allotment of data in just over 18 hours. We strongly recommend only using your phone for listening to Radio Hanna when it is connected to a WiFi network.

1. Using the free XiiaLive app (iOS/Android):

2. Using the free TuneIn app (iOS/Android):

(That last video should work well for iPhone owners. You will obviously download TuneIn from the Apple Store, but the functionality within the app is very much like what you see in the Android version.)