Of our two founders, Jennifer McCormick is employed as a teacher by PLRD No. 25 and gets paid the same whether she helps out with Radio Hanna or not. Sean McCormick is involved strictly on a volunteer basis and has no financial interest at all, nor does he receive any compensation for bringing his equipment or music into the school for students to use.

We are planning to do some paid events over the coming year, namely on location broadcasts for businesses where we advertise the business for an afternoon live, online. The business in turn makes a donation to the new school fundraising society, and the funds are being earmarked for the Fine Art Centre that is being built. We may also sell some very reasonably priced advertising during sporting events, etc. We are going to be selling advertising on this site (radiohanna.ca) as well.

Radio Hanna would like to help finance the audio gear going into the FAC control booth that was not covered in the modernization funding we received. It can be used during events, but can serve double-duty when the FAC is not in use for running an automated online radio station from JCC, which is our long-term goal. There is a 90-95% crossover between the gear we need for radio and what they need for a proper sound board for a community concert. This is win-win.

One hundred percent of all proceeds will be directed towards the school fundraising society. All cheques must be made payable to the school or their fundraising arm. Sean and Jennifer cannot and will not be handling any money. This is strictly a volunteer effort for us.