Helping Candidates Connect

Radio Hanna would like to make an offer to candidates for council for the upcoming municipal election here in Hanna, and also to the school board trustee candidates running for Delia, Hanna, and Youngstown/Rural. We will be happy to give you up to two minutes of free advertising to tell our listeners who you are, what you stand for, and what you hope to accomplish if elected.

The conditions:

  1. Your ad will play unedited to avoid any appearance of bias on Radio Hanna’s part.
  2. Begin recording your ad with our first and last name.
  3. Your ad can be up to 2 minutes long, but no longer. Please make sure you don’t go over. We simply won’t play anything that runs over 2 minutes. Timing the ad is the responsibility of the candidate. Saying your name at the beginning of the message doesn’t count as part of the 2 minutes, we just need it to know who you are. You’ll obviously be mentioning your name again as part of your ad, and that’s fine, we just need it at the beginning to help with sorting files.
  4. Your ad must only be about yourself, mentioning other candidates is not permitted.

How to record your ad:

Radio Hanna has a toll-free number: 1-888-552-3592. Simply call and leave your first and last name followed by your message. Please note that the maximum voicemail length is three minutes, so if you need to do a second take, you’ll have to hang up and call in again. It’s all right if it takes you several attempts, we’ll simply use the last one submitted.

How the ads will be aired:

The ads will be put into rotation and will play randomly, but with roughly equal exposure for all (give or take an ad). Ads for town councilor candidates will air approximately 15 minutes after the hour (as soon as the song currently playing ends) and will be doubled up. A single ad for trustee candidates will play at fifteen minutes to the upcoming hour, a single ad at a time. Once again, these will be random with everyone getting roughly equal exposure. The ads will play right up until midnight on Sunday, October 15th, the day before the election.

Finally, we will make archived recordings of your ads prominently available on the Radio Hanna site for on-demand listening in the hope that we can help our listeners cast the most informed vote possible. We look forward to working with our local candidates to serve the needs of electors in Hanna and area.

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