Radio Hanna is a project that was conceived first and foremost to support the schools in our community. We say schools because we want to include Hanna Primary as much as they feel they can realistically participate. We are on the way to becoming one school in the future, so we should probably get in the habit of working together now.

Anyhow. There are four main reasons most families give for relocating to a community: Employment, Recreation, Education, and Health Care. I’m married to an educator, and I’m a strong supporter of public education.

We hope to differentiate the schools in Hanna, Alberta, from schools elsewhere, and make our community an attractive place for families looking to bring their children to for a technologically advanced education that imparts superior communication skills. There is no reason why Hanna cannot be a premier education destination. We hope to play a part in reversing the declining enrolment numbers in our rural school.

While this is mostly a school project, if anyone in the community comes up and says to us, “This is cool, can you show us how we can do that?” we’re going to do the best we can to help them. However, this is a volunteer effort, and the two main volunteers only have so much time. We have to put the needs of the two schools first.

And people have asked. Expect to hear about church sermons being livecast in the next couple of months. Hanna Colts Hockey, too. Just be warned that anyone caught doing a very good job is at risk of being sucked into helping at the school. The Radio Hanna name is the umbrella identity we are using to present what we are doing to the community at large, and to help them feel welcome to participate. The more, the merrier, right?